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Blue Chili Chef Choices

• Blue chili king prawns

Fried marinated Tiger prawn cutlet with chilli, onion and garlic served with steamed mixed vegetables.

• Pad cha king prawns

Succulent Queensland jumbo prawns with chilli paste,green pepper corn and vegetables.

• Atlantic salmon fillet

Seared, topped with mild yellow curry sauce and chic pea served with a medley of steamed vegetables.

• Tamarind fish

Deboned local fresh barramundi , deep fried topped with tamarind sauce.

• Soft shell crab salt& pepper

Served on a bed of mixed salad and lemon wedges.

• Crispy pork belly

Home cooked , with blue chilli ʻs curry paste , green bean and kaffir lime leaves.

• Panang lamb shank

Cooked in mild Panang curry paste and coconut milk served with a medley of steamed vegetables.

• Pineapple fried rice

Whole pineapple filled with fried rice mixed with pineapple, chicken, prawn and cashew nut.

• Volcanic chicken

BBQ. Juicy thigh fillet, marinated with garlic and lemongrass, flavored with homemade lemongrass sauce served on a flaming plate.

• Duck breast salad

Lean roasted duck breast, lychee, orange, cherry tomato, Spanish onion, and mint dressed with Chefʼs mild chilli jam dressing.

• Legendary duck

An irresistible recipe passed down through our family, we proudly present you a succulent home baked de-boned duck with soy, cooked to perfection served with garlic, ginger and soy bean sauce on a bed of baby buck choy and shitake mushroom.

• Tropical duck leg

Twice cooked roasted duck leg, served with sauteed cherry tomato, orange, lychee, pineapple and green apple in plum sauce.

Classic Starter

• Vegetarian spring roll(2 pcs)


• Beef curry puff(2 pcs.)


• Chicken satay(2 pcs)


• Fish cake(2pcs)


• Mixed entrée

One piece each of Vegetarian Spring Roll, Beef Curry Puff, Chicken Satay, Fish Cake served with a variety of sauces.

Signature Starter

• Golden silken tofu (4pcs)

Deep fried till perfect crispy served with our famous peanut sauce and cucumber salsa.

• Curry rice ball(4pcs)

Deep fried jasmine rice mixed with green curry chicken basil and kaffir lime leaves.

• Duck pan cake(4 pcs)

Lean roasted duck rolled in soft pastry served with homemade soy sauce and sesame seeds.

• Salt & pepper calamari

Deep fried whole calamari with salt & pepper served with mixed leaves salad and lemon wedges.

• Coriander chicken & prawn roll(2pcs)

King prawn wrap in coriander chicken mince served with sweet chilli sauce.

• Blue chili scallop (2pcs)

Seared scallop dressed with chefʼs chili jam sauce and caramelised chicken.

• Bangkok street corn

Chargrilled fresh corn on the cob, finished with coconut milk, garlic, pepper and coriander.


• Tom yum soup

Hot & sour soup with lemongrass and mushroom flavor with lime juice.

• Tom kha soup

Creamy and sour soup with coconut milk,mushroom and lemongrass flavor with lime juice.


• Bbq beef salad

Sliced fresh lemongrass, cucumber, Spanish onion,cherry tomato and mint leaves , tossed with chilli & lime dressing

• Chicken larb

Salad Minced chicken, toasted ground rice, Spanish onion and mint leaves, tossed with chilli & lime dressing.

• King prawn salad

Tiger prawn cutlet, Orange, mixed leaves salad, Spanish onion and mint leaves, tossed with chilli jam dressing.

• Quinoa salad

With bbq chicken, mixed sprouts, mixed leaves salad, Spanish onion and mint leaves, tossed with tamarind dressing.

• Papaya salad

Green papaya, green bean, cherry tomato,crushed peanut, dry shrimp,dressed with palm sugar and lime dressing served with bbq pork chop.

Classic Curry

• Masman beef

Slow cooked tender beef with red curry , peanut and potato.

• Green curry

With Zucchini, bamboo shoot, green bean and basil lives.

• Red curry

With cherry tomato, pineapple, lychee , bamboo shoot green bean and basil leaves.

• Jungle curry

Spicy red curry without coconut milk with fresh herbs. Bamboo shoot, mushroom, green bean zucchini and basil leaves.

• Panang curry

Creamy mild curry served with steamed mixed vegetables.(contain peanut)

From the grill

• Bbq pork chop

Marinated with garlic and coriander root served with quinoa salad dressed with chilli & lime dressing.

• Crying tiger

Bbq. Cave grim beef strip loin served with spicy nam jim jaew and mixed leaves salad.

• Bbq king prawns

Succulent local jumbo prawn served with chefʼs pride snowpea and soy bean salad, dressed with mild chilli, roasted coconut and lime juice.

Wok Works

• Cashew nut

With chilli jam, mixed vegetables and cashew nut

• Creamy curry paste

with mild red chilli paste, fresh herbs and mixed vegetables in light coconut milk.

• Basil & chili

with fresh chili, garlic, mixed vegetables and basil leaves.

• Garlic & pepper

Marinated with fresh herbs and soy sauce served with steamed mixed vegetables.

• Ginger sauce

With onion, mushroom, shallot and shredded fresh ginger.

• Oyster sauce

With garlic, oyster sauce and mixed vegetables.

• Peanut sauce

With homemade peanut sauce and mixed vegetables.

Noodles and Fried Rice

• Pad thai

Thin rice noodles with egg, tofu, bean sprout and crushed peanut.

• Pad see iw

Flat rice noodles with egg, soy sauce and mixed vegetables.

• Pad kee mao

Green spinach noodles, with egg, chilli, mixed vegetables and basil leaves.

• Pad satay

Hokkien noodles with peanut sauce and mixed vegetables.

• Laksa noodle soup

Rice vermicelli noodles with mild homemade curry and coconut milk soup

• Blue chili noodles

Thin rice noodles and bean sprout topped with chefʼs red curry, minced chicken and egg.

• Pad tom yum

Hokkien noodles stir fried with homemade hot and sour chilli paste , mush room , lemongrass , onion and shallot.

• Fried rice

Thai styles with your choice of meat

• Egg fried rice


Rice & Side

• Steamed fragrant jasmine rice

• Steamed brown rice with pearl barley


• Roti


• Quinoa


• Steamed mixed vegetables


• Steamed any kind of noodles

• Peanut sauce



• Drinks

Choice(can) of Coke/Coke No Sugar/Lemonade/Lemon Squash Please leave the note in comment section.